The Top Four Shopping Malls In Englewood Colorado

drnfwr 26 November, 2018 0

The western state of Colorado consists of not only vast deserts, canyons or snow-covered mountains. Colorado is home to the city of Englewood, which is part of the Denver-Aurora Metropolitan. Englewood is located to the east of the Front Range and to the south of Platte River Valley. Our article features the top 4 shopping centers found within Englewood.

First, we look at The Landmark which is located on Greenwood Plaza Blvd. This complex features several main features such as banking, a ballroom for wedding purposes and a dental office. They even have several saloons for those who are looking for a new hairdo, as well as a mani pedi for those who are interested in getting their nails done. But when it comes to entertainment, they have an inhouse theater as well as a few bars that offer dine in services and they even have 10 different restaurants to suit any craving.

Second on our list is the Aspen Grove Life Center located on S Santa Fe Dr Littleton. The Aspen Grove Life Center features around fifty of the top shopping stores in America that deal in clothes, food, cool tech gear and even furniture. They feature several of the top restaurants such as The Bistro, a sushi bar, a neat cupcake store and even a Cold Stone Creamery outlet. And get this, the center is also pet free, which means you can take your pets along to literally any store, except restaurants of course!

Third we look at The Streets at SouthGlenn located on Gaylord Street. This outlet features stores such as Macys, Sears, Marshalls and even BestBuy. The complex has a huge space for parking as well and there are several atms which can be found if you ever need some extra cash, and, they are home to the Hollywood Theaters. And, they even feature several bistros, grills, a burger bar and speciality foods.

Fourth we look at Park Meadows located on Park Meadows Center Drive, Lone Tree. Park Meadows is actually the largest shopping mall in Colorado and consists of roughly 185 stores and restaurants. These are comprised of some of the top brands in the clothing industry as well as the dining industry. Some of these include Gap, Coach, American Eagle, ALDO and Hollister.

As we conclude we have just looked at the top four shopping malls in Englewood Colorado. The malls featured in our article cover all your needs for clothes, tech gear, best seller toys, and they even feature some of the best restaurants in America. So, go out there and have yourself a shopping experience to remember!